Essentials of Volunteer Management Training Short Course

About the course

Are you new to leading / coordinating volunteer teams?

Do you have some experience, but have never actually had specific training for the role?

Are you a volunteer leading volunteers?

The Essentials of Managing Volunteers is specifically focused on the needs of New Zealand Managers, Coordinators, Team Leaders. Taking part will help you become more effective and confident that you know about current sector practices, plus you will be joining in with a community of others who lead and coordinate volunteers across NZ. See how different organisations manage the issues you also have to deal with.

Set yourself onto the Volunteering NZ Competencies for Managers pathway PLUS gain recognition for your learning in the Australian Certificate IV in Volunteer Program Coordination!

Volunteer motivations and expectations.
Understanding team dynamics and different personality types.
The legal aspects of involving volunteers.
Communication skills and delivering more effective team meetings.
Key systems, processes and documents.
Handling challenging behaviours and resolving conflict.
Recruiting, selecting, orientating and training volunteers.
The professional  manager of volunteers.
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Be personally guided by an experienced manager of volunteers

Meet Sue Hine the tutor. Sue has been  been engaged with community organisations for more than 40 years, as a trainer, facilitator, clinical supervisor, and as a volunteer in all sorts of roles. She has an honours degree in Social Work, and a M.Phil (Development Studies). Sue continues to be associated with volunteering communities, and looks forward to meeting you during the course.

What does the course involve for you?

Online means you can study when and where it suits you - at home, during breaks at work, in between other commitments. It also means you have flexibility so you can fit your course around the rest of your life. You don't need to come to classes or attend workshops, our learning material is in the course website - you have more choice and more control over what, how, when and where you learn.

The course uses quality course materials to present information, and offers easily accessible support. The course site and tutor will be open to you for six weeks. You will have plenty of time to take part, leaving you space to get on with all the other things in your life.

We suggest you set aside up to 2 hours per week for the reading and activities we give you.

Each week we introduce a new set of topics and give you an especially written PDF magazine explaining those. The magazine is easy to follow and interesting. Download and read it on a computer, mobile device, or print it out, whichever is most convenient for how you personally like to learn. As you work your way through you will also be looking at extra topic information your tutor supplies.

After your course experience has finished you will still have a library of the magazines and other resources to refer back to.

To help your understanding of the topics, you'll have some interesting practical assignment activities to complete each week, plus you get to see and discuss online what other course members are thinking about the assignment topics. This is a great networking opportunity.

The tutor will communicate with you personally, will read your activity information, provide you with advice and guidance, and answer any questions you may have about your own situation and needs.

And, last of all, to demonstrate your knowledge, you complete a short, interesting, on-line course quiz. Get more than 80% of the questions correct and you pass (and we allow you more than one attempt so you can get used to online testing).

Course members who have passed the Course Quiz AND contributed to all the activities receive a personalised Course Certificate so they have a record of their efforts.

You will need:

  • Access to a volunteer-involving organisation.
  • Broadband internet access.
  • To know how to use an internet browser (for example Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) so you can move between web pages, open links, download documents and participate in the course discussion.
  • Optional: a  printer to print out the course magazines.
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